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NACC Home Support Worker (HSW)

NACC Home Support Worker (HSW)

HSW Course

Overview of the program
It’s possible that you’d like to work as an HSW (Home Support Worker), where you’d be a major member of an in-between-professional consideration group. In this position, your primary responsibilities will be to care for individuals and assist them in their daily lives to maintain their independence and self-sufficiency.

Course Description
These programs are designed to train people in the art of giving clients and their families the attention they need to live fulfilling lives in their communities. In this curriculum, the students develop several skills that enhance the value of what they do and express real friendliness and respect for the individuality of every client. Home Support Worker activities include offering their clients particular attention and cleanliness, supper preparation, assisting customers with their prescriptions, and energising exercises, among other things.

Why Choose TAHA College for the NACC Home Support Worker (HSW) course?
An outstanding teaching team with specific experience in the field of personal assistance is available on our course. In addition, they have been teaching for over a year with a special teaching style that is both unique and appealing:

  • Certificate in Delicate Persuasive Approaching.
  • Workforce preparation for quality.
  • The ability to see how well individual assistance is working.
  • Examining every aspect of a situation from top to bottom.

Consider taking our NACC Home Support Worker (HSW) Course to ensure your future success!

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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